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Undergradute Student at:
Halιcιoğlu Data Science Institute, UC San Deigo.

Research Assistant at:
Wang Lab, Prof. Yusu Wang, UCSD Halιcιoğlu Data Science Institute, UCSD Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
(Previous) Paesani Research Group, Prof. Paesani Francesco, UCSD Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, San Diego Supercomputer Center.
(Previous) CNS Lab, Prof. Christine Smith, United States Department of Veterans Affairs.


Urey Hall 3230, UC San Deigo.

Research Interest:
Geometric Computing and Graph Theory.
MB-Fit, Software infrastructure for data-driven many-body potential energy functions
September 2021 – Present
Participate in offering statistical support for this software.
Built codes to do PCA on multidimensional data.
Optimized the model by applying parallel computing and feature eliminations algorithms.
Developing Codes:link to github


The relationship between news event memory and performance on standard neuropsychological tests
Test if the tests of semantic memory usedful for estimating the severtiy of retrograde amnesia.
Identify the relationship between NE memory and traditional cognitive measures,
older adults (N = 51) completed a traditional neuropsychological battery and the Retrograde Memory News Events Test.
Publication:link to paper

A “short blanket” dilemma for a state-of-the-art neural network potential for water: Reproducing properties or learning the physics of many-body interactions?
Offer support related to Geometry and Graph Theory to help the Paesanilab to run the corresponding algorithms.
Publication:link to paper

Other about me:
:) Some of my personal/group projects with Triple C Organization:
A very simple website that can help freshmen students: ucsdhelper: link
A developing dashboard website that can help students find an apartment! link